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We empower your brand, broaden your reach through the potential of OTT (Over-The-Top) tech.

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Unlock the Potential of the Experience Cloud​

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Revolutionize your digital content with Zipstream TV OTT Inc., tied with trusted industry leader in OTT platforms. Our solution is tailor-made for media companies, publishers, content creators, sportsorganizations, educators, and digital influencers looking to launch their own OTT applications and channels. With us, you’ll see tangible results right from day one.


Subscription Management​

Utilize Subscription Platform for PPV, Event Passes, SVOD, and TVOD. Partner for ad opportunities. Simplify payments, adjust revenue models, and minimize churn with discounts. Boost engagement through notifications, emails, and integrated payments.

Zipstream TV OTT

Effortless Subscription Management

Effortless Centralized
Content Management

Our API-driven video hosting and streaming platform, supported by CMS, streamlines content management. Seamlessly merge your existing CMS via API, unifying metadata, content previews, and user-level controls across devices and teams.

Intuitive App Creation and Management

Design captivating user experiences with ease using our intuitive app manager. Customize UI widgets, tweak layouts, and craft user journeys without the need for extensive coding. Elevate user engagement and harness data insights to maximize ROI.

Drive User Engagement with Live Streaming

Engage your audience in real-time on 12+ platforms, offering an interactive, fluid viewing experience. Your users can take the reins, enjoying live events as they unfold, be it scheduled programs or spontaneous broadcasts. Even those who miss live streams can access content effortlessly from your streaming library.

Zipstream TV OTT

Main OTT Benefits

Zipstream TV OTT

Key Benefits

Catering to Cord Cutters
Offer the flexibility of content ownership or leasing, catering to the preferences of your audience.
Live Chat, Emojis, and Stickers for Enhanced Engagement
Interact directly with your viewers through live chat during live streams and add a layer of fun and interactivity with emojis and stickers.
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Customize Your Brand Experience

Zipstream TV OTT

Customize Your Brand Experience

Choose our white label solution for a fully branded, seamless experience that ensures your unique identity stands out. Elevate your brand’s presence.

Our Pricing Plan


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  • Platform iOS, Android app, LGTV, Samsung TV and 12+ More digital platform


  • 3 Platform**
  • Monthly Active Users Upto 10,000
  • 2400 GB/Yr. Storage
  • 5000 GB/Yr. CDN
  • Everything in lite, Plus :
  • Experience Manager (App CMS)


  • All Apps, Custom integrations and Full Premium features. Contact us for more details

Explore a wide range of choices, including Web, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung TV, LG Web OS, Vizio, Apple TV, Android TV, and more apps.

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