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Zipstream: Providing High-Quality Online Network For Artists and Content Creators

Zipstream tv, video streaming technology is getting more popular, and even more, consumers are expected to transition to digital streaming in the near future. As a result, there is little question that it will continue to thrive in the next few years.

To engage viewers, even musicians, artists, and content providers are increasingly resorting to social media and video streaming services. YouTube, Roku, and Instagram are some of the platforms they use.

However, Dennis Duggins and Andrew Rivers, both of whom have substantial expertise in media distribution and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), have noted how much money artists and content producers are losing as a result of not having their own publication capabilities.

As a result, Duggins and Rivers launched Zipstream tv, a white-label solution that would enable artists to construct Over-the-Top (OTT) publishing networks. In contrast to other OTT-creating platforms, Zipstream will enable these producers to keep all of their income without taking a cut.

Any streaming service that transmits material over the internet is referred to as OTT. It’s similar to YouTube, however, instead of sharing earnings with the platform, they’ll have their own platform where they’ll get 100% of the income.

“Zipstream tvtransparency is hard to get by in this sector since a lot of service providers want to keep you on a monthly subscription or some kind of revenue sharing, but Zipstream doesn’t require commissions after the OTT has been,” Dennis explains.

Zipstream has experimented with the OTT market and recognizes the need of providing a lease plan and a complete one-time license upfront, with the opportunity to acquire upgradeable service plans on other platforms as your business grows.

“We understand the importance of uniqueness and ownership. We give you ultimate control over your dream, giving you complete access to all monetization and sponsorship opportunities.” Dennis adds,“Your traffic is your money.”

The firm is delivering total ownership and allowing the customer to handle their own backend with service providers such as Amazon and BrightCove, allowing the client to acquire momentum quickly.

Zipstream is also a one-stop service for content management, including taxonomy, metadata layout, and publication. It’s simple to use, works with all devices, and takes less time to publish.

Zipstream takes care of everything, allowing the artist to focus on their material while Zipstream takes care of everything else. This is similar to how film production works, where the artist is in complete control while the support team does their magic.

M.I.A.M.I Mike, a manager, and multi-platinum independent recording label owner of Palm Tree Ent. (PTE), home to Artist Soulja Boy, is one of Zipstream’s shareholders.

He is now also the vice president of the urban market of Zipstream tv as an advisor.

I did not just want to work with Zipstream tv. I invested in it as well this is the future of the consumption of premium video content for record labels and artists,” Mike says.

Michael McLeroy owner of Social Content Kings (SCK) Media TV, a premium streaming global network that focuses on exclusive live streaming content, is one of Zipstream’s first clients, and he claims that Zipstream has helped them save a lot of time and money.

Choosing Zipstream TV just based on the customer services alone has saved us a tremendous amount of time and resources,” says Michael.

With this type of service, Zipstream will surely become one of the major white-label solutions in the future.

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