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Program Management Services include the following

  • Collaborate with client to identify best appropriate OTT solution considering such factors as monetization, geography, languages, content type, content volume, future growth, content delivery, end-user platforms, end-user demographics, financial implications, etc.
  • Management of OTT network design and implementation.
  • Management of network monetization.
  • Development of network projections.
  • Train and manage client personnel in how to use and maintain network.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Weekly network status updates including progress on outstanding activities, revenue, end-user insights, advertising effectiveness, network statistics, recommendations, and other timely items as necessary.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Identification of primary contact and other key personnel.
  • All content.
  • Software, tools and services identified by program manager as required.
  • Timely resolution of client issues identified by program manager.

Optional Services:

Zipstream TV in conjunction with client may identify resources that client desires to outsource, such as advertising management, artwork, website design, social media maintenance, closed captioning, video thumbnails, etc. Upon request, Zipstream TV will provide a quote for these services on a project or hourly basis.

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